About Us

Soleil's Salt Cave is a sanctuary for wellness and self-healing - both of which unfold most naturally from a state of relaxation.

Inspired by our baby girl's struggle with eczema, we wanted to get her some natural, drug-free relief. That journey turned into Soleil's Salt Cave.

Unaware of the ancient wisdom behind it, Soleil's mother, Nastia grew up in Ukraine, and having to undergo hospital treatments, was often sent to a salt room for recovery. When we realized the good salt therapy could do for Soleil as well as our whole community, there was no other choice to make.

Once our two grand mahogany doors close behind you, you can forget about everything outside and let the salt do the rest. Above you, below you and all around you, the oldest salt on the planet - even older than the continents and the oceans - shrouds you far from devices, deadlines and distractions.

As you recline in an anti-gravity chair or lay directly in tons of Himalayan salt, our state-of-the-art halogenerators grind and disperse pharmaceutical salt into the chamber. Breathing this dry aerosol salt into your lungs can help clear congestion and inflammation throughout the body. It has helped people dealing with allergies, apnea, arthritis, asthma, congestion, COPD, depression, eczema, fibromyalgia, insomnia, Lyme Disease, neuropathy, psoriatic arthritis, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), stress and more.

About Halotherapy

What is at work in our salt caves is known as halotherapy, a concept based on thousands of years of discovery and rediscovery of salt's beneficial binding and balancing properties. Ancient Greeks inhaled steam from salt water to cure respiratory problems. In the 1830's, when Polish salt miners were found to have exceptionally healthy lungs, doctors began sending patients into the mines to heal. Again in the 1940's, physicians observed that people hiding in salt caves during WWII experienced significant respiratory health benefits.

While halotherapy is a more accepted health practice in Europe and Australia, here in the United States, general medical consensus supports only its relaxation benefits.

We suggest you try it and feel for yourself how it relaxes you and enhances your own journey of health and wellness.

Cave Sessions

Close the doors to the world outside & open your airways to the world within.

What to Leave Behind
Your time in the cave is a chance to leave the rest of the world behind...and we have just the place for it. Use our secure closet to stow phones, watches, fitness monitors, hearing aids and any other devices, as the dry aerosol salt will damage them. Also remove any jewelry that could slip off and all items in your pockets as they can also fall out while sitting in an anti-gravity chair or lying in the salt. Food and drinks must be left outside the cave as well.
What to Wear
You will be entering a chamber warmed to between 72° and 74°F, so feel free to wear comfortable clothing. We'll send you into your cave session with a cozy blanket, because once you begin to breathe in the dry salt and your airways open up, you might find yourself drifting into a sleep-like state of relaxation over the course of your session. In either cave, feel free to wear socks or wiggle your toes directly in the salt (It's naturally antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial). However, if you have stinky feet, please ask us for wipes and we'll be happy to help you help us all.
When to Arrive
The salt caves are a shared natural resource that remind us to honor our other shared resource: time. Whether you are joining others you don't yet know in the Main Cave, or coming for a private session in the Little Cave, please be punctual or call us to reschedule if you are going to be late. Arrive 5 - 10 minutes before your session begins. Latecomers will be asked to reschedule to honor the uninterrupted peace of the session already in progress. Walk-ins are welcome if there is availability. To ensure a spot, book a session online or call 603.418.7508.
What to Do
Unless you know everyone in the cave with you - be quiet. The cave experience is one of tranquility, so please offer that to everyone else by not talking or moving unneccesarily during your session. You can sit in an anti-gravity recliner, lie directly in the salt, or on a blanket on the salt. While you sit there with nothing to do but breathe deeper and more clearly, you will discover a mindfulness that has been waiting a long time for such a perfectly relaxing "nothing" like this to happen.
What to Expect
Within minutes of the halogenerator starting, salt will begin to fill the chamber. The coral colored glow of tons upon tons of salt crystals older than all the continents will shroud you in silent sanctuary. Your breathing passages will open up and you will feel restored from the inside out. You will emerge feeling rested and renewed...and ready for another visit soon!

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Relax and let our salt caves do the work...