Our Story

Soleil's Salt Cave is a sanctuary for wellness and self-healing - both of which unfold most naturally from a state of relaxation.

Inspired by our baby girl's struggle with eczema, we wanted to get her some natural, drug-free relief. That journey turned into Soleil's Salt Cave.

Long before learning about the ancient wisdom behind it, Soleil's mother, Nastia grew up in Ukraine, and having to undergo hospital treatments, was often sent to a salt room for recovery.

When we realized the good salt therapy could do for Soleil as well as our whole community, there was no other choice to make.

Once our two grand mahogany doors close behind you, you can forget about everything outside and let the salt do the rest. Above you, below you and all around you, the oldest salt on the planet - even older than the continents and the oceans - shrouds you far from devices, deadlines and distractions.

As you recline in an anti-gravity chair or lay directly in tons of Himalayan salt, our state-of-the-art halogenerators grind and disperse pharmaceutical salt into the chamber. Breathing this dry aerosol salt into your lungs can help clear congestion and inflammation throughout the body. It has helped people dealing with arthritis, asthma, COPD, eczema, fibromyalgia, insomnia, Lyme Disease, neuropathy, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and more.

Breathing in dry aerosol salt has been used to help relieve symptoms of many inflammation-related issues.

chronic bronchitis
cough and cold
cystic fibrosis
ear infections
hay fever
headaches & migraines
Lyme Disease
seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
smoker’s cough
various viral infections
psoriatic arthritis

About Halotherapy

What is at work in our salt caves is known as halotherapy, a concept based on thousands of years of discovery and rediscovery of salt's beneficial binding and balancing properties. Ancient Greeks inhaled steam from salt water to cure respiratory problems. In the 1830's, when Polish salt miners were found to have exceptionally healthy lungs, doctors began sending patients into the mines to heal. Again in the 1940's, physicians observed that people hiding in salt caves during WWII experienced significant respiratory health benefits.

While halotherapy is a more accepted health practice in Europe and Australia, here in the United States, general medical consensus supports only its relaxation benefits.

We suggest you try it and feel for yourself how it relaxes you and enhances your own journey of health and wellness.


Join a class, get a massage, enjoy a treatment, do an event or simply sit back and dissolve...

Leave all devices (phones, tablets, watches, cameras), shoes, food and drink outside cave. Just sit back and let the salt cave do the work.


Next time you're downtown, come in and see for yourself...



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Relax and let our salt caves do the work...